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2021 Shows

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Inspecting Carol
By Daniel Sullivan and The Seattle Repertory Theatre
December 3-19

Saturday, September 18, 1-5pm and Sunday, September 19, 6-8pm
Callbacks Sunday, September 19, 8-10
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Inspecting Carol deals with a regional theatre company that is rehearsing its annual production of A Christmas Carol, when it gets news of the impending arrival of an inspector from the National Endowment for the Arts to review their work. When they assume that the man who asks to audition is really an informer for the NEA, everyone caters to the bewildered wannabe actor and he is given a role. What will happen when the actual inspector shows up? Come see this laugh-a-minute romp!

Cast: Charles A. Alexander, Emily Cole, Mikey Chinn, Sara Jones, Kerri Keith, Jay Laengrich, Anthony Magee, Budd Mahan, Robert Sims, Ethan Slater, Jane Talbert, and LD Walker


Funny Money
Comedy By Ray Cooney
July 9-25
Directed by Janette Oswald

What would you do if you picked up the wrong briefcase on your way home from the office? Take it the police, of course. But what if the briefcase contained nearly a million pounds in used banknotes? Well, what Henry Perkins did - ! Suffice to say that Henry’s wife ends up with a nervous breakdown, Henry ends up with his best friend’s wife, and a drug dealer ends up with Henry’s briefcase. There are also two policemen and a taxi driver whose lives will never be the same again.

Cast: Brian Hoffman, Laura Jennings, Anthony Magee, Martin Mussey, Audie Preston, Russell Sims, Ted Strahan, and Kathleen Vaught

Reviews For Funny Money by Joe Bar, David Kelton, Charles Alexander, Carl Youngblood (In The News Report), and Christopher Soden (Sharp Critic)


The Curious Savage
Comedy By John Patrick
August 27-September 12

Mrs. Savage is an elderly woman whose late husband has left her $10 million dollars. She intends to give the entire fortune away to people who wish to pursue their “foolish dreams,” but her stepchildren strongly object. To prevent her from doing away with the family’s wealth and ruining their legacy, they have her committed to a sanatorium called The Cloisters, and it is among the gentle residents there that she finds her true family.

Cast: Quinn Angell, Karen Jordan, Deborah Key, David Kelton, Maxine Frauenheim, Kelly Lawrence, Tony Magee, Budd Mahan, Jordan Pokladnik, Samantha Potrykus, and Elise Whitmire.

Patron revews for The Curious Savage by Glynda Welch and Elizabeth Goldman


Blithe Spirit
Comedy By Noël Coward
October 15-31

Audition Dates: Sunday July 11, 6-9pm and Monday July 12, 7-8:30pm
Callbacks Monday July 12, at 8:30
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Filled with the sparkling wit and the undeniable charm of Noël Coward, Blithe Spirit is a clever comedy gem from well beyond the grave! As inspiration for his new novel, Charles Condomine invites the wonderfully eccentric medium Madame Arcati to perform a séance in his house. When things go terribly awry, Charles suddenly finds himself caught in an improbable love triangle between his naive living wife and his decidedly "spirited" former wife.

Cast: Michelle Goltzman, Anthony Magee, Leigh Wyatt Moore, Carol M. Rice, Robert San Juan Blair Taylor, and Lorna Woodford

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